These are the basic services we are built upon — but we’re open to (and up for!) anything you might need.  So call or send an e-mail, and we’ll talk.  Flexibility is our watchword, and your complete satisfaction is our standard.

Our definition: “Leadership is the ability to influence people so they willingly accomplish the goals you are accountable for achieving.”
Whether it’s training, coaching, consulting, or some combination, leadership — or rather its lack — is usually the common denominator of most performance problems or cultural issues.
Training & Seminars
We train any of the subjects listed on this page (and others) in groups, one-on-one, online and/or in blended format.

Tired of training “events” that don’t change anything?  We have a unique training process that turns learning into behavior change into ROI.  Does that sound different from the usual?
New Managers

New Roles

Under Performance

Specific Issues
We’ve been there: needing help but not knowing where to turn; knowing help was necessary, but not knowing whom to contact.  Ours is a one-stop solution that’s not utilized (or paid for) any longer than necessary.
Consulting/Problem Solving
Cultural Issues
Sales Management
Change Management

For issues that MUST be solved, but are either too close for an objective look, or too entrenched for someone inside to make the tough call — we can help with that.
Results. No Drama, No Rhetoric.
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
                                                       --- Albert Einstein