Product Summary

It’s Not About You is a straight-forward book on leadership that was written between 2005 and 2008, based on lessons learned from over 30 years of leading sales and other teams.  It is strictly “not theory, but practical”, and defines leadership as influence within the context of eleven Key Premises of Leadership.

Results. No Drama, No Rhetoric.
It’s Not About You addresses first the “Funnel Paradigm” that all managers must confront.  An initial section lays out the premises and definitions of leadership, as described in the book.

  It then prescribes what "being the leader" means, and details several approaches to developing people.

  There is a section around building teams, followed by a larger one describing the necessary skills and activities of sales managers.

  Near the end is a section about hiring for fit: identifying the necessary competencies for a job, then conducting behavioral-based interviews to find, validate and hire the right candidate.

  Last, there is a unique and unconventional final section that ensures that the learning from the book translates into real-world leadership improvement for the reader.
Price: $16.95 per copy (plus $6.00 Shipping & Handling)

  • Paperback: 172 pp
  • No jargon, no gibberish
  • Focus on “Real World” solutions
  • Unique “Translate the Learning” Feature