Trinity-Lincoln Consulting was founded by Scott Crandall, and fulfills a long-term dream: to help others focus on key business issues and problems in a low-key, solution-oriented way.  And get the job done without drama, rhetoric and unnecessary fanfare.

Scott graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1971.  After five years (and 20 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes!) in military intelligence, he resigned his captain’s commission and joined a leading international tire manufacturer, starting his business life as a field sales rep in 1976.

In succession, over 34 years (and a handful of moves), he was a regional sales manager, a director of sales, a sales operations manager, a training manager, and an internal consultant.

Scott specialized over that time in building organizations, identifying critical problems (and fixing them!), and in designing, developing, and delivering training — and finding a way to make sure training “took”, and truly resulted in performance change.

Trinity’s approach is to utilize the best assets for the job: to that end we utilize a network of professionals with whom we partner to deliver the focused expertise necessary to solve the problem.
There’s a plaque in my office that my wife gave me when I started this business.
It says: “It takes two things to be a consultant: gray hair & hemorrhoids.  The gray hair makes you look distinguished.  The hemorrhoids make you look concerned.”

Well, you can see I’ve got the gray hair . . .
Results. No Drama, No Rhetoric.
ET + LR = BC ---> ROI
This equation represents a concept that explains the only way training can work — and why it so often fails.
One of the things we do is prevent that failure; contact us and see how.